CRCHD jurisdiction is in the "Critically High" risk category with "Increasing" community transmission.


Recommendations and Resources

General Recommendations:

  • Stay home if you do not need to go out.
  • If you leave your home, expect that you may be exposed to COVID-19.
  • Wear a mask and maintain at least a 6-foot distance between yourself and others.
  • Avoid all unnecessary travel.
  • Avoid all public and personal social gatherings of any size.
  • If you have to go out, avoid any businesses that are not following the masking order and limiting capacity.
  • If you feel sick, stay home.
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
  • Follow Executive Order #94 for safety of individuals and best business practices.
  • CDC Holiday Guidance

Local Data

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Public Health Orders

Recommendations and Resources for Businesses



Recommendations and Resources for Schools


Recommendations and Resources for Healthcare Facilities

What to Do if You Are Sick



Where You Can Get Tested


What to Do if You Test Positive


What to Do if You Are Exposed