Please start by reviewing the CDC's latest guidance on isolation and self quarantine.

If you have questions after reviewing the business toolkit, please use the question form at the bottom of the page.



  • It is up to local businesses to set policies for their staff and clients in regards to masking, distancing, and other prevention strategies that follow the current CDC, DHS, and OSHA guidelines.
  • Follow WEDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance for Businesses - a collaboration between WEDC and the Wisconsin DHS
  • Do not require employees to have a release letter to return to work, as this is an unnecessary burden during an emergency response for a communicable disease.
  • Do not require a negative test in order for an employee to return to work after isolation or quarantine: Duration of Isolation and Precautions for Adults with COVID-19.

Positive Employees


If you test positive for COVID-19 (Isolate)

  • Follow the most recent CDC guidelines for isolation: CDC Quarantine and Isolation

In the event of a positive case:

  • Confirm the positive case by requesting proof of the lab or doctor's note.
  • Starting two days prior to symptom onset (or two days prior to test collection if employee was asymptomatic) begin contact tracing.
  • Exclude employees that meet the close contact definition listed in the CDC Quarantine and Isolation guidelines.
  • Excluded employees should follow the guidelines listed in the close contact section.
  • Feel free to provide the fact sheets from the resources section below.

If you have a significant increase in cases:

  • Reach out to RCPH via the form below.
  • Include details such as the number of positive cases, department(s) affected, and dates of onset.

Please note: RCPH highly encourages that employees report their positive results to their employer. Due to recent changes in disease investigation and contact tracing protocols, RCPH may not receive all reports of workplace exposures. RCPH will continue to work with businesses as needed or requested.


Close Contacts


If you were exposed to Someone with COVID-19 (Quarantine):




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Updated 01.2022