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What are Postpartum Home Visits? 


Racine County Public Health offers a postpartum home visit for all parents of newborns in the community. We strive to improve family and child well-being throughout the county. Nurse home visitors provide an assessment of mom and baby, provide guidance and resources, and answer any questions the family may have. Participation is voluntary and at no charge, and open to all Racine County families who have just given birth.



What are Healthy Families Racine County programs? 


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HFA is a nationally recognized evidence-based home visiting program model. Based on 30 years of research to ensure programs are effective, Healthy Families America’s core values include valuing children, strengthening families and engaging communities.

 Racine County Public Health Division is accredited by Healthy Families America (HFA)


Family Foundations Home Visiting

An evidence-based home visitation program that uses the Healthy Families America model and Growing Great Kids curriculum. Family Foundations Home Visiting is funded by WI Department of Children and Families and is a partnership between Racine County Human Services Department,Racine County Public Health Division, and a consortium of Racine County home visiting providers. Program goals include but are not limited to improving birth outcomes; promoting child safety, health and development; improving maternal health; and, improving service coordination with and referral to other community resources and supports. The program is open to all expectant and new parents (within the first 60 days of life) and their families in Racine County. Enrollment occurs prenatally through birth and families may receive home visits prenatally until age 3 of the child. Participation is voluntary and at no charge. If you or someone you know is pregnant or just gave birth, call (262) 898-4460 to ask about services.

Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC)

PNCC is a Wisconsin Medicaid benefit that helps pregnant women get the support and services they need to have a healthy baby.

For more information on mother/infant visits see our brochure:
Healthy Families Racine County Flyer English/Spanish



What is Racine County Home Visiting Network? (RCHVN)


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A group of local agencies who provide free home visitation services to pregnant and parenting families- including each mentioned above.  It is a community project to promote healthy babies and families.  Partners include Racine County Human Services Department, United Way of Racine County, Racine County Public Health Division, Ascension—All Saints, Professional Services Group, City of Racine, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF), and State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).  Racine County Public Health Division is part of the Greater Racine Collaborative for Healthy Birth Outcomes (LIHF) and Family Preservation West.  


Home Visting Staff

All program services are provided by Public Health Nurses/Educators with experience in perinatal care, child rearing, growth and development, HFA model, Growing Great Kids curriculum, prevention education and community resources.


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