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Hot weather this weekend! Click here for weather details. Remember heat-related deaths are the #1 weather killer in the U.S. For ways to beat the heat-> Click here

Have you spotted blue-green algae in a lake?  Remember, you can't tell whether an algal bloom is toxic just by looking at it.  For your health's sake, stay out of green, smelly lakes! Learn how to protect yourself, your kids and your pets here.

Swimming season has begun.  Make sure you and your family are water competent before entering the water.  Click here for more information.

If it’s warm enough for us to be outside, it’s warm enough for ticks too.  Click here for more information on preventing tickborne infections.

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Click here to find where you can go for immunizations. 

Please click here to view the CRCHD 2017 Community Health Assessment (CHA). We welcome and appreciate feedback through the Contact page.


Where can I go for immunizations?

Why should I report an animal bite?

Where can I dispose of my extra medications?

What immunizations are required for Wisconsin schools?

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