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Warm weather forecasted for the week of 7/14. Click here for more information.

Find valuable information here for keeping food safe during a power outage for residents.

Opioids: Click here for the Opioid and Heroin Awareness Guide


Vaping: See below for the Vaping Toolkit-

              • Click here for Conversation Guide

              • Click here for Health Risks of Vaping Infographic

              • Click here for Marketing Handout

              • Click here for Parent Tip Sheet

Click here for FAQs about Measles

Click here to locate well water test kits.

Please click here to view our
Winter 2018/2019 Newsletter.

07 Jun

Summer Swimming Safety Press Release

Click to view the Summer Swimming Safety Press Release

04 Jan

Winter 2018/2019 CRCHD Newsletter

Click to view the Winter 2018/2019 CRCHD Newsletter


Where can I go for immunizations?

Why should I report an animal bite?

Where can I dispose of my extra medications?

What immunizations are required for Wisconsin schools?

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