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Free Flu Vaccine for Children (6 months through 18 years). Free until December 7th, 2018 (while supplies last). Call (262) 898-4460 to schedule an appoinment. Click HERE to view flyer.

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Please click here to view the CRCHD 2017 Community Health Assessment (CHA). We welcome and appreciate feedback through the Contact page.

CRCHD wishes to recognize the food facilities in our jurisdiction that regularly meet a high standard of food safety.  Click here to see the list of facilities who received the award for the 2017-2018 license year.

30 Aug

2017-2018 CRCHD Award of Excellence

CRCHD Award of Excellence recipients for license year 2017-2018

19 Dec

Racine County Fetal, Infant & Child Mortality Review Report

Please click here to view the 2011-2016 Racine County Fetal, Infant, & Child Death Review Report. We welcome and appreciate feedback through the Contact...


Where can I go for immunizations?

Why should I report an animal bite?

Where can I dispose of my extra medications?

What immunizations are required for Wisconsin schools?

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