WEAVR Volunteers

Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry

RCPH - WEAVROne disaster is all it takes to impact our community. From a pandemic flu to the emerging threat of Ebola, our community must be prepared to face all public health challenges. Response is key to our success during public health emergencies and volunteers play a vital role in the recovery effort.

WEAVR stands for Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry. In the event of a public health emergency or natural disaster, WEAVR enables registered volunteers to be called upon to supplement state and local response efforts. WEAVR ensures that volunteers are managed properly and relief efforts start promptly. Your willingness to register with WEAVR helps to create a comprehensive list of volunteers qualified to assist in state and local events of any size.

WEAVR values the time of its volunteers. It understands that by giving time, volunteers have less time for personal pursuits. WEAVR provides you with the flexibility to decide how much time you want to devote.  You will always have the option to decline service if you are called upon.  And because the WEAVR system is used primarily for large-scale emergencies, we do not anticipate volunteers being called upon routinely.

RCPH - WEAVRRacine County needs your help to achieve disaster readiness. Whether you work in a health field or not, if you have an interest in assisting your community during a public health emergency, we invite you to register today. Join WEAVR and help your community when it needs you the most.

Signing up is easy! If you have 15 minutes and access to a computer and the internet, you can complete the online registration. When creating your WEAVR account, please remember to have your relevant credentials handy and select Racine County Public Health Division as your organization.

Once your registration is complete, you are immediately placed on a local list of qualified volunteers.

To register:  www.weavrwi.org


What is WEAVR?

The Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) is Wisconsin's initiative to pre-register, manage, and mobilize clinical and non-clinical volunteers to help in responding to all types of disasters.

Why is WEAVR necessary?

During a large-scale disaster, an effective response requires volunteers to be pre-credentialed and deployed through a coordinated effort. WEAVR serves to improve volunteer coordination during an emergency.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer. Whether you are in a health profession, a non-health position, not working or retired, there will be a need for volunteers with all types of skills and expertise during a public health emergency.

How much time will I need to dedicate to WEAVR?

All volunteers can accept or refuse a request for help. No matter what the extent of the need is, these are voluntary deployments and you are not required to participate.

Where can I go to register or to obtain more information on WEAVR?

Please go to https://weavrwi.org to register or to obtain more information.